About the Earth…

Benjamin Stone Avatar
Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

How can you go on with your typical day

When so much we need to survive is at stake?

How can you live on, and simply kill time

When everything’s threatened and we’ve crossed the line?

I find it so hard to simply exist

And know what I know—we cannot subsist.

Between all Earth’s creatures and those we have claimed

There’s too much of us and, yes, we’re to blame

For all the destruction we’ve wrought on the Earth.

We cannot continue. We humans aren’t worth

Causing extinctions so massive, I fear

Life may not rebound—not at all, so severe

Is the damage we’ve done and are doing at rates

Never seen before and it will not abate

E’en if we clean up our act and stop tainting

The air that we breathe and the water we bathe in, 

The seas will keep warming and rising for years

Our islands will vanish—our coasts disappear.

No hope and no future—our children will grow

To become adults in the Hell we’ve bestowed

Upon them by letting the greedy make rules

That govern the rest of us—WE are the fools!

So though we all care and they definitely don’t

They won’t let us fix things and they, themselves, won’t.

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